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[04 Sep 2005|07:01pm]


this blows. [13 Aug 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | sick and pissed off ]

so uh...its official..i have a small case of tonsilitis and it bites, big time. i dont want to miss out on bowling monday afternoon, but i might have to. at least i wont have to do work.

woah i feel like shit! i cant sleep, i cant eat, i cant breath and its now hurting even more to cry. i hope these drugs take away the pain soon. im taking 4 penacilin (cant spell it) a day, and 2 panadol, and so far its done jack shit.

my god if i could scream, i would. but it would hurt so much id cry...and that hurts even more...so lets not go there. oh fantastic, and now my ears are hurting too.

i dont think ill go to school monday, and if possible....tuesday...doctor said i should take it easy.

anyhow, ill stop complaining for a few moments...



fuckin quizzes..so bored... [29 Jun 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]

ok, so im like...bored enough to steal this from gemma...coz im bored... okie dokie, here we go....


Spell your first name backwards]: eikooc / enilorac

[The story behind your msn name]: its my nickname :P

[4 words that sum you u up]: obsessed, musical, wannabe, lovable....?

[Wallet]: $50 - for hotham, cards, photos, dicount vouchers (coz im cheap) and a bunch of old movie tickets i used to collect.

[Hairbrush]: is in the bathroom :)

[Jewellry worn daily]: i usually wear a necklace...but most of the time just "fuck-bands" and a friendship bracelet that rosie gave me.

[Pillow cover]: i got a black one and this ugly brown pattern on the other.

[Coffee cup]: whichever mug mom brings me in the morning..

[Shoes]: my green and white three-stripes (coz im fucking awesome)

[CD in stereo right now]: the vines - winning days

[piercing's]: ears (twice on my left, once on my right)

[What you are wearing now]: my dark grey insight jeans and yellow/white top.

[Hair]: parted majorly to the side, straightened and killing me because it isnt sitting right atm :(

[In my mouth]: teeth, toungue and some other bodily functions.

[In my head ]: im thinking of matt.

[After this]: i will probably go crazy until i find something else to do.

[Talking to]: well i WAS talking to brock, dave and tommy...but now im a loner and im doing this and noones talkin to me.

[Eating]: nothing....currently.

[Fetishes]: i cant think of one at this moment...but ill let you know when one comes to mind.

[Some of your favourite movies]: thirteen, napoleon dynamite, the royal tenenbaums

[The last thing you ate?]: probably a nutella sandwich.

[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]: spiders and cockraches - YUCK.

[Do you like candles]: yeah, i think they're sexy. infact - i think i may marry one now.

[Do you believe in love]: yes. but do i believe in mr.yes? no.

[Do you believe in soul mates]: uhh...i believe i just said no....unfortunatly...

[Do you believe in forgiveness]: i believe in forgive and forget.

[If you could have any animal for a pet]: oh!! a llama!! both baby AND grown up llamas are gorgeous. "tina, come get some ham!"

[What are 3 places you wouldn't mind relocating to?]: gold coast (qld), someplace in canada, california (america)

[What are some of your favorite pig out foods]: chocolate, candy, sushi, chips etc.. anything bad for me - really.

[What's something you wish you could understand better?]: im not going to mention it at this moment.

[In the last couple of days have you:] yes? :P

[Cried:] neerly, but no.

[Gotten sick:] yes.

[Sang:] yep

[Eaten:] yeh

[Felt stupid:] id like to meet someone who hasnt.

[Told someone you loved them:] yesh.

[Talked to an ex:] yeah and it was weird.

[Missed an ex:] not recently.

[Talked to someone you have a crush on:] oh boy.

[Had a serious talk:] unfortunatly..

[hugged someone:] yep

[Fought with your parents:] nope

[Dreamed about someone you can't be with:] i choose not to dignify that question with an answer.

[Are you center of attention or the wallflower:] little of both.

[What type of automobile do you need to drive]: id like to drive a valiant or a ford falcon...but one of the 60s ones :D:D:D

[Would you rather be with friends or on a date:] depends who the date was with, or who i was seeing (friends).

[Do you attend church:] ...jewish...

[Do you like being around people:] yeah..unless im in one of my emo phases.

[Who have you known the longest:] other than family? then....Mel F...i guess..

[Who do you argue the most with:] i dont like to argue..i choose to accept. but other than that - my brother and sister.

[Who has the coolest siblings?] coolest? uhmm..ill get back to you on that one.

[Who is the smartest:] i dno..matt or chris or someone i guess.

[Do you like the person who sent you this?] well...gemma didnt send me this, but i chose to steal it from her.. but i love her :P..in a non-sexual kinda way...


FRIENDS ONLY [02 Apr 2005|02:41pm]

sorry guys, it needed to be done for numerous reasons, if you have any questions etc. comment.

P.S. im leaving all the other posts there - so they're still readable...but the next however many i write can only be read by my "friends." -PEACE OUT-

hello :) [02 Apr 2005|01:41pm]
[ mood | content... ]

well - i havent written in here for a long time... i went to marysville for the long weekend...that was all good....

except when ash called me "butch" the whole time.

but you know, it was all still awesome, met some new people etc.

school is now out for two weeks due to april holidays :D

got my exams comin up pretty soon - sucks ass...hope i dont fail.

i dont want to write too much detail about my personal life in here atm..i know jade's gonna read it :P HA HA!

i might make this friends only...so i can have a little more freedom etc. :) its just easier that way...i just have to figure out how.. ill talk to lif or tish..

mmmm...i'll write about matt once im a friends only thing - anyone could read that shit and hold it against me ;)

see ya'll later

cookie xx


ultra bored [19 Mar 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

so.... i think i really honestly like this guy.. he's meant to call me tonight... im seeing him tomorrow :D (not a date or anything).

umm... no-ones home tonight (story of my life) and when it comes to wesleyans on msn - anyone whos noone is online. i could have gone to sharlene's party...but i couldnt be bothered and i had no present or ANYTHING ready, so i decided to stay home. at least daniel's online...not that he's really talking.. my moms online....does that count?

mmm...i'm so bored....i got shitloads of homework i should be doing... maybe i should do some maths whilst im here? ill go get it in a minute..im recouperating from dinner... which was mi goreng.............again.

im sooo bored. cant wait for tomorrow.

uh...i'll go now..

cyah later aligatior.


life etc. [14 Mar 2005|08:40pm]

i was watching animal house the other day and one scene made me think... i think its the scene where they get really high and talk about the world.. they were saying something like...

our world, our galaxy could just be one single atom in one persons fingernail.

if you think about that - it's crazy.
anyway, ill stop ranting on about that it just made me think.

ahh i hate these stupid random posts.
i was thinking a lot lately (something i dont normally do :P) about the weslians and whether they've practically blanked me out from their lives. i guess its good that im making friends at mckinnon and stuff, guy friends lately especially (always a good thing :P) because of my "masculine interlect," but i feel so.....out of place. i dont know im just rambling.. i feel like posting my never ended song from lat year that i wrote for that youth suicide project i did...
so here it is..

STARING AT THE WALL - Gladwarp Confusion (ye, you heard me)

(verse 1)
She cuts herself
because it cures the pain
her "friends" hate her..
shes so ashamed.
She was in agony
she was despirate
her friends turned their backs
she felt so separate

she would sit, at home
alone, staring at the wall
in her dark, cold room
getting away, from it all

(verse 2)
the knife drew closer
as she began to cry
whats going to happen?
whats it like to die?
the knife reached her wrist
as it began to split...
why is there no blood??
not even just a bit?

she would sit, at home
alone, staring at the wall
in her dark, cold room
getting away, from it all

(verse 3)
as she cuts harder
the blood started to poor
she stared at her wrist
she didnt want it no more.
the blood was everywhere
spattered all over her arm
how was she going to hide it?
this was definatly no charm.

she would sit, at home
alone, staring at the wall
in her dark, cold room
getting away, from it all

at school the next day people told her
she should get some help
and for the first time there
she began to yelp
"if it wasnt for him,
this would never have begun,
i cant believe this happened,
it was all like a pun"

she would sit, at home
alone, staring at the wall
in her dark, cold room
getting away, from it all

she would sit, at home
alone, staring at the wall
in her dark, cold room
getting away, from it all

check up [10 Mar 2005|07:27pm]
[ mood | not holdin any current grudges ]

ive decided to do a quick..uhh..entry.

you guessed it - its coz im bored.

let's see...what is there to talk about? well..

yesterday heaps of people went on some round-robbin thingie-ma-bob so jade was stuck hanging with us :P - ha ha!

it was fun though, i got to know a bit more about her etc. haha she probably wont even know my name by tuesday (monday is LABOR (cant spell) DAY! YAAAYYY!!)

the funny thing is - shes probably reading this... HI JADE

um..not much to talk about..

only the mckinnon girls will understand most of this post..

AHHH!! everyone thinks spannos and i are going out! or that we like eachother! AHHH! IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! i have too many other guys on my mind to worry about spannos!
today in the bis cam was like "so you and spannos a couple now?" and i was "NO! for the last time" and he's like "why not?" and i go "coz we're just FRIENDS!" and he's like "oh....ok...why dont you like him?" i go "coz i've got my mind on other guys" and hes like "who! who!" and im like "this guy from my old school" hes like "well the guy from your old school doesnt like you, go out with spannos!" im like ":S you dont even know what school i used to go to"

this world is full of DIP SHITS!

ahh, ms.orloff is going to go ape shit at the whole class coz no-ones doing the homework! haahahha!

id better go, tay or rosie or jen or someone from wesley - if ur reading this - EMAIL ME!!! you know my email address at school and if you dont - email me at my hotmail and ill email it to you.

love you all
- missin the weslians
- cbf going to school with the mckinnon..i..an...........s...
- lemmie alone im tired...


[28 Feb 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | hot and mildly pissed off ]

i guess i forgot that anyone reads my bullshit that i talk about here...

...im taking a break from writing...gotta clear my head a little...maybe learn to keep things to myself etc.

goodbye for a few weeks.


quick [25 Feb 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | *yawn* ]

im updating because im REALLY ULTRA SCARILY bored.

not much to write though.

havent spoken to any wesleyians in a long time.

i had to rename some things in my live journal for security purposes, so if ur curious on who im talking about most of the time, you can talk to me about it and ill either say "dont worry," "its a long story," "ill tell u later" or ill actually just tell you. depends on who you are :P


.......so i like this guy..lets call him....................sam.
so apparently im always heavily flirting with "sam" which wouldnt be a problem if one of my friends didnt like him too.
i got his email address and a hug so that was pretty cool. he just heavily reminds me of someone else that im not going to mention, from my old school, so i think that might be why i like him more than i averagly would.

im tired, im leaving this joint................lets dance summore!

cookie xx


[13 Feb 2005|06:25pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

this past week hasnt been a good one.

there were few up's, but a fuckload of downs.

lets see... yesterday was all good because of Globe World Cup...had a good time and met some awesome people, but i got into a fight with jen because i wouldnt let her use my AAA pass. and because of that i probably wont be going to the good charlotte consert.

i know all their fucking songs and i like them way much fucking more than they do put together.

its not like they didnt find a way to get where i was anyway! and plus, sammy wouldnt let me lend the pass to the girls... fucking hell. the night ended in me giving CLANCY my pass because sam needed to give it to clancy. and i let him do that because the passes were indeed my brothers (a birthday present from his girlfriends mom), and not mine to be giving out etc.

maybe i shouldnt go....tell her to give the ticket to someone else. i know good charlotte arent going to come back for ages, but whats the point at going to a consert if your going to be fighting the whole time? if i had the money id buy a ticket, but i dont have any money, and i dont want to fight with jen, so sounds like wednesday night ill be spending alone.

fuck it all.

update from about 5 minutes after i wrote this. we're deciding to drop the whole thing and im still going to the consert.

uhh... other news...

I SPOKE TO SOMEONE WHO IM NOT GOING TO WRITE'S NAME!!! he's way hot and he kept up a convisation...now im sorta over this other guy who im also not going to mention.......security reasons......*shifty eyes*, so getting WAY over him would be nice...

uhh...cbf writing anymore.. i dont think theres anything else to add - VALENTINES DAY TOMORROW - aaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!! :P

love, cookie xx


[09 Feb 2005|07:50pm]
Now i have a mckinnon band for ROCKFEST!! (OMG!!1!!one! i cant wait 'til September!!!!1111!!)


ok in other news...

umm...i dont know if i wrote this last post...i cant remember and i didnt read it.

ANTHONY DUMPED ME! - thank god. i was gonna do it on tuesday (yesterday) but he did it on sunday :D

yesterday i was in the middle of writing this but i accidently erased it (thats another dollar for cookie):

i hate it when you are forced into keeping something (about yourself) to yourself.. like...i'd tell people, but i know they wouldnt understand...eventually they're gonna have to know anyway...but ive decided that if it still matters within the next 1 1/2 months then im going to tell them..

ok now everyones going to kill me because i brought it up and didnt say what it was, but i dont give a rats ass, because at the moment i dont really care if they do, because im not going to tell them....the only reason im not telling them is because they're not going to understand, therefor theyre gonna stop talking to me and stop seeing me on the weekends etc.ect. and it will be something to use against me.

enough talking...lets go dance!

(Globe World Cup THIS WEEKEND :D:D:D:D)

boreed [05 Feb 2005|01:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]

im so bored. i dont really have anything important to write in here today. havent updated in ahwile coz ive been fuckin busy with hw.

i decided that im going to dump anthony on tuesday..but i dno if thats gonna work because he was upset enough without me yesterday. so i hope he's ok by tuesday so he doesnt going around killing himself (not saying that thats what im worthy of or anything, but he seems really attached).

um...not much to report..lets try another day..

love cookie, xx


[31 Jan 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i dont know how i feel right this minute...

thinking of dumping anthony...i dont want to do it though because i know it will break him. but i dno its been really awkward recently when ive been talking to him and we can hardly see each other because he lives in shitsville (wantirna) and i live here in elstie/bentleigh.

today at school was actually really good! apart from the end of the day when i caught the wrong bus and was forced to sit down for a 1hr 15min trip....but thats not the point. today was fun.. i had softball for my last 2 periods... that was boring

ummm....mckinnon is so good coz this is the way it works:
Locker Bell - 8:40
Period 1 - 8:50 - 9:37 (goes for 47 mins)
Period 2 - 9:37 - 10:24
RECESS (25 mins)
Form Assembly (5 mins) -its like tute.
Period 3 10:54 - 11:42
Period 4 11:42 - 12:30
LUNCH (55 mins)
SSR (quite reading time for 10mins)
Period 5 1:35 - 2:22
Period 6 2:22 - 3:10

meaning, rather than 75 min periods, we get 47/48
we get let out 20 mins earlier
we start 20 mins later
we are better than wesley. hahaha.
on relly hot days or really wet days, lunch shortens for 15 mins so we can go home 2:55 hahahaha how random.

ok nuff braging.. just post n tell me how jealous you are - haahah jk.

love, cookie xx


ughh... [30 Jan 2005|07:25pm]
[ mood | sooo dead.. ]

well yesterday i was in the middle of writing a very long post about what happened on my first day, but i pressed back on my keyboard and it erased the whole entry... fuck a duck :P

if i had a dollar for everytime thats happened with emails, txts and entries id have a shit-load of dollars..

im really tired at the moment...came back from buxton earlier..

my brother is currently at big day out.. horah..

im talking to jono :S its a really random convisation. its kinda awkward but probably coz he probably still queerys why i broke up with him..

this was a shitty post..ill try harder next time.

cookie xx


[26 Jan 2005|07:15pm]
[ mood | bored - bla ]

hey everyone...i think its about time for another update.. not much has really happened latly..

it turns out i start school on friday rather than thursday, so i indeed have one more day left of freedom..

i saw anthony yesterday with a couple of the chickazzzz, it was an interesting date considering there were 4 other people there - haha. it was fun though..

hmm... i dont know what else to write.. im kinda bored..

i cant believe school in 2 days! aaaaah
im dead...apparently its a little grouped? aahh i bet i group hop again...stoopid wesley


[21 Jan 2005|12:20pm]
[ mood | blah - my back hurts ]

yeah so incase ya'll didnt figure it out earlier, i've got a boyfriend...

today im just gonna bum 'round, watching futurama and playing some bass...hmm...reminds me i have to catch up with my band so we can play :|

infact, my futurama dvd is still on downstairs, im just up here for the hell of it.

nothing interesting to write about today...i'll let you know when there is.


crazyness [20 Jan 2005|06:29pm]
[ mood | blank - i still have no idea ]

i've been thinking a lot recently.. about life and its TRUE meaning. I also think about death, and like..when your dead, what happens to your thoughts..its hard to explain what my question, im just so curious i guess.

i was sitting in the car on the way back from lorne, and i was listening to my iPod...forgotten which song it was, or which band it was by, but i was thinking about this year. so many things could happen this year, i have got so much ahead of me, that its scary. i'm turning 15. i'm starting at a new school.. it's going to be crazy. i bet you i'll visit wesley every day after school i'll just turn up and i'll be like "HI GUYS!" i start at mckinnon in 1 week. i'll make new friends, fall "in love" with more guys, and all the guys seem to think i may even turn into a slut....uuughhh..it's just going to be so weird going to school and being like "uuuhh....where's my english classroom?" and stuff like that. i'll have to talk to shae and be like "can you meet me outside school at the back gate so i dont look like a loser who has no idea where she's going?.." hahaha...

i dont know what to write at the moment because i currently have no thoughts....except maybe what anthony is doing right now.....probably rowing..

i should....go.....


i dno [19 Jan 2005|02:50pm]
[ mood | tired, yet crazily pissed off ]

i have no idea..i guess you could say i'm pissed off today..

i got no REAL reason to be, but i am. maybe im just tired and hurt all together?

ugh.. i need to watch something funny to get this out of my head...i'm either going to watch office space or animal house..both great movies...i'm thinking office space though, although i havent watched either in aaaaaaaaaaages.

i wish anthony would text me soon, he'll put me out of the weirdness feeling..stuff...movie...cheese...hungry.......distillers?


boyfriend [18 Jan 2005|06:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

yay :D


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